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Top 10 Dog Breeds around the world

Top 10 Dogs

All good dog breeds are of great importance to pet dog lovers.
10 Lists of 10 Favorite Dog Breeds Let's take a look together at all types of puppies from young to old. We choose the best dogs that are smart for training as well as cuddly and gentle. But just to be clear, we love almost all breeds, now get the valuable info.

10. Saint Bernard

  • Despite making an excellent appearance in Cujo (a 1983 horror film) based on Stephen King's St. Bernard novel, he is a gigantic creature.
  • The nature that perhaps best appeared as a true figure in the friendly Beethoven family. Kojo's greatest roots go back to 980 AD, during his lifetime
  • No brandy casks. Already used in rescue work and living in the Alps. This breed almost disappeared due to the harsh winters of the early 19th century,
  • But he was very happy to crossbreed with a Newfoundland dog to restore and preserve life. The world of pet cats

9-English cocker spaniel

  • Almost half a century or more ago, the breed was first described as a quality hunting dog even in dry and humid climates. Cocker Spaniel
  • They were trained to hunt birds. This favourite toy called Woodcock is where its name comes from the Cocker spaniel. Very English cocker spaniel
  • A very fun and lovable character and a favourite breed of many families now. A good friend of children as he has a smart temper like the police in some
  • Airports use him as a gang hound. In general, a cocker spaniel can be a good pet if purchased from a reputable breeder.

8-Siberian Husky

  • This dog is originally found in Russia and is one of the strongest breeds of working dogs. And this kind of dog looks like a wolf and is really surprising 
  • friendly and kind, this breed is very intelligent, well trained and very obedient. OHI is fond of playing with children and rarely hears her howling. And just as 
  • people love this type of dog very much, he is known for his icy blue eyes. He may have one eye brown and the other eye blue. His fur can be white,
  • Black, silver-grey, red, or brown this fur keeps it warm at temperatures as low as minus 75 degrees Fahrenheit

7 boxers

  • Nicknamed the boxer. He acts like a 3-year-old, so he's not getting any older. The Boxer dog breed is cute and playful but they can be very fierce, they call it a fighting dog, they are very strong and if he has something between his jaws it is difficult to loosen it. This breed is an intelligent and adaptable breed whose actions seem like a bastard of all kinds of dogs. They are really well known to get along with most dog loving families as well as get along with, play with and protect children well. You can also have a good relationship with cats.

6. Yorkshire Terrier

  • It is one of the most beloved breeds of all small in size but very remarkably brave and loyal. The Yorkshire Terrier is from his adoptive family loved by everyone and everyone wants to take him home for his beautiful shape and long silky hair. He's bred to be a mouse hunter in the north of England. He is small but provocative because of his disgraceful behavior towards strangers and his constant barking. He loves teasing and messing with dogs even if they are bigger than him in a bigger way.

5. bulldog

  • This breed loves to play and sleep all day long and is found in Europe and America. As we know this breed has its fans. A bulldog is a typical dog whether it is a French, British or American bulldog. Nowadays it has roots estimated at around 1500 but as we know it the Old English bulldog has not been crossed with pugs. They are now considered one of Britain's most iconic animals. In the past, Bulldogs were bred and used in the sport of catching Bulls. Today the Bulldog gets attention from his fans. And as everyone knows from the Lord of this breed it's a very affectionate breed.

4. Beagle

This breed is found to be distinguished from the rest of the dogs by its  different and beautiful colors black, white, lemon, red and orange. The beagle was discovered in ancient Greece and is present even in the works  of Shakespeare Daisy. However, the bagel was praised in Greece for its  hunting ability. Today he is considered a police dog because of his amazing  sense of smell.

3-Golden Retriever

  • The golden retriever is of a charming breed and is an incredible choice for a  family or a loyal affectionate friend of your child. He came in the late 1800s  as a dog that performed well on the ground in terms of playing, running and  jumping. it is a police dog well suited for searching for lawbreakers and drug  dealers and is used in rescue as well, serving the disabled community.

2. German Shepherd

The German shepherd dog is known as the Alsatian wolf-dog and dates back  to the 20th century and evolved to breed around 1899. This dachshund is  often  used as a scout in the army, police services, rescue teams, drug searches and  crime, and is a fairly capable representative in this area and is an intelligent  and loyal dog to its owner.

1. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers are a refined breed with beautiful colours, yellow, chocolate or black. This is a Labrador retriever dog breed that can be found and is famous all over the world as a good family friend.

Labrador retriever is also able to help you in the world of wild hunting and is used in the field of police and public security as well. An affectionate dog is also a guide and service dog. Choosing the perfect pet for you

labrador retriever