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Memories of King's day in Maastricht

 Memories of King's day

King's day

King's day returned on April 27, 2022, and people are having fun, singing and dancing with joy, the return of King's day in a quiet and warm Agua people shake hands and take selfies and the sun is shining in the city of Maastricht everyone celebrates this eternal occasion, everyone drinks and eats, what a beautiful and happy day for everyone.

Speaking at the ceremony, Willem-Alexander said: I and my family are all very grateful that today we can once again celebrate King's day together in peace and security.


  • As the power of the lights on the ideal father King Willem-Alexander, who is proud of his daughters, said when taking a commemorative selfie with them. The King's family toured among the people in celebrations to share their joy

Willem Alexander and Princess Amalia in a patronizing and beautiful view presented by Princess Amalia's assistant to DJ Lucas and Steve during filming.

In beautiful commemorative shots with family members, Prince Constantine and Princess Laurentin are not inferior in a characteristic dance

And again among the two attendees were all the cousins of Vollenhoven:. Prince Flores, Princess Amy, Prince Bernard and Princess Annette all were present on this happy occasion

  • Willem-Alexander takes pictures with children and shakes hands with people 
  • in Maastricht with Maxima, who wore a beautiful pink dress, cap and hat and 
  • was special among the attendees with her wonderful family.