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Lewandowski to Barcelona on a three-year contract

 Lewandowski to Barcelona on a three-year contract


Negotiations between Barcelona and Lewandowski continue to progress significantly
The Polish player has expressed interest in the Barcelona player, and wearing the historic Barcelona shirt

Benny Zahavi, Juan Laporta

Barcelona are still in the hunt for a Blaugrana star to prop up Xavi Hernandez's project to the right level, and talks between Haaland and Lewandowski are well underway ،
Contacts with Lewandowski continue to progress, and the representative of the player Benny Zahavi, Juan Laporta, also met

Twice in recent times, he is considered a close friend of Juan Laporta and developed a plan to agree on a three-year contract. , According to several different sources, there is talk of a three-year contract.

The club also takes into account the age of the player, approaching the age of 34 in August, and there is no doubt by the management that he is capable of performing at a good level for two or three seasons, probably. His physical and tactical level is still amazing and as is known to everyone, what may nominate this player to win the Ballon d'Or.

Lewandowski ready to come

Lewandowski has also shown viewers and football fans his ability to score goals is terrifying for most teams, as we mentioned his desire to wear a Barcelona shirt this summer. The project in Barcelona attracts the player's interest and he knows that at Barcelona, ​​​​under coach Xavi Hernandez, he can continue to win individual and Team Titles. [Mohamed Salah]

Barcelona seek Sergino d'este offer in Lewandowski signing

The Barcelona team is seeking to include Sergio D'este in the ongoing negotiations as Bayern Munich tried to complicate with deste from Ajax but the player preferred to join Barca, with the possibility of Bayern agreeing in
  • The inclusion of sergenodst in the negotiations if Lewandowski does not agree to renew his contract with the Bavarian team this summer. The club will have to reduce the price of the player so that he does not leave for free. With the secrets of FC Barcelona
Bring a player Du high quality be it, Mohamed Salah is expected to renew his contract with Liverpool, or Haaland from Dortmund knowing that this deal is not easy in terms of material and the ferocity of big rivals such as Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, or Lewandowski from Bayern Munich, which is the candidate deal and which will be the least expensive in terms of material, and it will be to bring in a high-quality player that will pay off
As everyone knows from many aspects such as the sale of T-shirts, sponsorship companies, and advertising, the club emerges from the financial crisis with the most possibilities.

Barcelona await Lewandowski decision on hot coals

Barcelona is waiting for Lewandowski's final decision to approve Barcelona's offer in terms of his annual salary. Al Barsa is waiting for the

final price to be set by Bayern Munich in the absence of an agreement on renewal. Lewandowski has one year left on his contract with Bayern, but FC Barcelona wants to lower the price by involving Sergio D'este in the signing process, the same player the club turned around last summer.
April month

This month, April will be a key factor in determining FC Barcelona's goals in the next row in the framework of upcoming deals. FC Barcelona will not be in a hurry to sign Haaland and await the player's decision
To make a final decision on his next future. With Barcelona, ​​the admission of FC Barcelona that the matter will be very complicated because both Real Madrid and Manchester City have already made tempting offers probably, but even
Now there is nothing clear as to the player's next destination, FC Barcelona will not do their best to bring Haaland to Camp Nou if the player does not want to give the striker positive signs to sign.

FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona will be eyeing Lewandowski's option at this time, and don't forget that Bayern are pressing veteran striker Lewandowski hard with new offers to extend his contract and anything could change. If Lewandowski agrees to move to Barsa eventually If Lewandowski eventually agrees to move to Barsa, Bayern Munich will have almost no choice but to fly for less damage and sell him at an affordable price to prevent him from leaving Bedouin for next summer in 2023. In Munich, they are aware of moves from Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain but have yet to receive anything officially from either team.
  • The price that can be set by Bayern Munich
  • The price that Bayern can set from selling a player will not be as high as Barca hope, and Barcelona does not have much money to buy expensive players.

FC Barcelona is hoping the Bavarian club will agree to list Dist, who has lost ownership since Xavi Hernandez's arrival despite playing in some

important match. And about Bayern Munich by negotiating with FC Barcelona in the market last summer to transfer serginodest, but Barcelona

  • has already rejected Bayern's request to transfer Dist on loan. Now Barsa will be ready to enter this process, sergenodest prefers to continue but he will acquiesce as long as he goes to a strong, high-level club.
There is no doubt that Bayern Munich is in line with his future ambitions. Atletico Madrid is also watching Dist's situation with Barca, but Munich would be a better option for the player.