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New name Harry Osborne, we'll talk about Spider-Man 4 with Tom Holland
Spider-Man is it possible to become a real phenomenon and set new records in

he fantasy world

The producer of this film had a huge number of draws at the box office by

all the viewers who received great emotions in the movie halls
And studios. It was they themselves who finally understood the
the successful strategy of this film.

Sony and Marvel Comics plan to continue Tom Holland's story
They officially announced three whole new stories in early December
this year

  • This year's premiere will be for this film.
  • Back to the story of Spider-Man with Tom Holland.

Sony and Marvel Comics already seem quite confident in the success

of this millimetre

Director John Watts said he was very excited

Before the release of the film in the galleries

Because Peter became an independent hero, lost loved ones and erased the

past.[ Batman ]

  • The premiere will take place in 2024 or a year later. You want to watch the videos, click here