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Mohamed Salah bids farewell to the 2022 World Cup

Mohamed Salah bids farewell to the 2022 World Cup

Mohamed Salah bids farewell to the 2022 World Cup

  1. Egypt's dreams of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup evaporated after their
  2.  defeat in Senegal. The defeat at the hands of his current teammate Liverpool
  3.  was a huge disappointment for the Egyptian team and it was a marathon match
  4.  against Senegal who struggled to bring down the Egyptian team, we saw many opportunities for the Egyptian team but they were not exploited as they
  5.  should be Lewandowski to Barcelona.

The international newspapers

The international newspapers talked about the most prominent scene to distract the Egyptian team, which issued talks through international newspapers and European sites where Mohamed Salah lost the Liverpool star and the captain of the Egyptian team to the penalty kick in an unexpected way from the fans of the Egyptian team Mohamed Salah and was a big shock to his fans, and the international newspapers spoke criticszing the fans of Senegal to use green laser lights to distract the players, which Senegal fans used on the faces of the Egyptian team players throughout the game.


The Sun

The transfer of the British newspaper "The Sun" that the use of the fans of Senegal laser was the reason for the defeat of the star Mohamed Salah and his comrades in qualifying for the World Cup 2022,


Yahoo world

He also participated in the comment "Yahoo world" on the meeting that Mohamed Salah and his comrades have a father of laser lights during the execution of the penalty shootout, and this is what the American journalist Henry Bushnell talked about the last game.


laser scribe

The newspaper "The Sun" published on the front of its cover a picture of the player Mohamed Salah and his face covered in green laser entitled (laser pens)


The Egyptian federation also intends to file an official complaint against the disgraceful acts that were issued by the fans of Senegal and described as barbaric