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Who are you? I'm Batman

  • I Retribution Batman I have one of the most
  • The strongest heritage film, very durable and exceptional in all my films
  • A big challenge to get back to the highest possible level

1966 outsmart each other and during that time it's over for Batman
Hollywood is steady, it can't swing from anything bad that broke its back

This is how all the bat flicks contrast with each other so well and we go through
A complete filmography to find out categorized for Batman movies

I'm Batman

  • Everything the producer remembers before we even see the show
  • It includes only one thing
  • The show that rejuvenates Batman is the focal person

Batman Matt Reeves detective,

Welcome back to the channel, fun2games here's a detail Batman Matt Reeves, detective

Noir, deals with the headless crusader also known as the greatest investigator in the world in this case

Played by Robert Pattinson, which is not always the greatest detective in the world in

But wait, it's only his second year the film is best because it's one of

My favourite filmography of Gotham and his broken toys, there are many

To appreciate this movie reeves hid clues throughout the film to set him up.

Even vague subtleties in the camera work in music and Easter eggs which

Refers to the wider universe of constant current ، my favourite movie genre the movie begins with the

title text sudden Batman fills the screen, in reality, the way

The text of the Joker's 2019 opening title filled that screen, but here it is somewhat similar to one

Red-coloured shots of Bruce taken from his eye lenses fill all his vision ، this film constantly shows

close-up shots very to things very close to the eyes and fingers, so

We can't really distinguish them

As well as view shots from these peepers, a reflection of the views of this

The changing film makes us guess who the real villains are in

In the story, the opening shot is actually one of these foci from under the mask

Puzzle player who sucks his breath through his military cold weather mask while staring from

During a frequent voyeur speculum as we see later, Batman did the same for Selina Kyle these

The opening shot reminds us of John Carpenter's opening point of view

The Halloween movie ،

The killer of a silent boy heard only through his heavy breathing from behind his mask ،

Pass the mysterious look at the policeman guard sitting at the gate ، didn't you see Seinfeld, you don't

You give them a chair to sit in, there are a lot of holes in security, but then landed

On a boy dressed as a ninja inside pretending to kill his father before he

Head to trick or treat, I've we prepared by many Batman movies to expect that

The first skin we see is bruce Wayne Young especially since

That Batman Christopher Nolan began to explore bruce's background as a ninja but this flips

A text in the US reveals that he is a son of corrupt Mayor Don Mitchell Jr. and with

That boy is still sad batman will later feel connected now with music above all this is

Schubert Maria sang by a boy L U repeated path established

The history of mystery as an orphaned choir boy framed in press photo with Wayne's family ave

R THR is a common funeral hymn that is played later in the funeral of the mayor and then again the

BAC in. the orphanage, if I listened closely during this film,[ spider-man ]

Composer Michael chiacino uses a Master Show secondary to Ave Maria where the theme music of

the puzzle that is definitely a signal of the first real fantastic Batman detective story

From comics storey closely related to Falcons and maroon, other comedic influences were

Batman in the first year and the chef's ego

Which you definitely want to read, but I really have to say that Matt Reeves made this

The movie has something of its own and you can Just refer to anything in this movie and say

It was from any comic book at all, but this film is better appreciated

For his cinematic details not only as a list of comic book Easter eggs, but this is also

The approach I'm going to take in this breakdown because talking about carpenters' Halloween

There's a great Michael Myers reveal- ICQ about the existence of a puzzle

Behind the mirror and was only revealed when the TV light flashes brighter like Batman

The puzzle shows us first shadows but it never comes out of those shadows so are prepared to kill,

nor gives their prey a chance

To see him and make a different choice now ،this puzzle looks with the glasses above

The mask is directly inspired by descriptions of the Zodiac Killer who also mocked the police and

the media

With mysterious zeros are written in his own alphabet the mayor's with a tool used in carpet fixing

That mysterious plan from the beginning for Batman to find and use this tool

  • Later to reveal the floorboards in his house to reveal his long game of bombing the city walls
  • Navy then we move on to Halloween, night from Bruce's perspective ،
  • We start already in these two strange, shiny shapes that look like eye holes
  • Inside his Batman hood, they're so close U they're actually part of

Bat-signal that ignites with steam in Rain and you'll notice that bat signal is not a clean stencil that

We've seen it before but a piece of metal is jammed In standard Searchlight shutters

Just show how Batman Gordon in the early days of their partnership is also reflected in

Location of this Bat-Signal in this unfinished construction site, then we see an area

  • Gotham Times Square with
  • Gotham Empire builds a holiday in
  • Gotham bank Gotham The Gotham

Tribune and then this warning of screen addiction PSA drops in height drops

Being the name of a new eye drop drug for this world the man who steals the store

Actually wearing a green colour projection mask is head drop literally this story is called

The good time's grocery store

The Easter egg of Robert Pattinson's crime film is a good time that Matt Reeves said

He saw it while writing the script for this film that made it he wants to represent Robert Pattinson

And you will notice that it rains in Gotham almost always ، It is a detail taken directly from

In the seventh film, where David Fincher was confirmed from precipitation every time.

In an outdoor shot in the city to show the oppressive nature of urban life, Bruce describes how

Gotham rain residents ignore all this rain that causes the city to eventually flood

In the third trimester, the more water whenever criminals can bypass the city Batman haunts this

Group of thugs wearing white face paint on although you will notice their role in

In the beginning, Jayla Sergo who actually plays the role of Tim Drake on Titans only drew half

His face because he didn't he earns his full place in the gang now

After we saw two fictitious directors where criminals looked into the shadows

Alley is terrified that Batman will come out of them finally do here on

Train platform, the result of Giacchino evokes John Williams ' Imperial March for Darth Vader

And Batman's entrance is definitely here remember Darth Vader's first arrival from

During the smoke in new hope, by the way, the cinematographer was in this film

Is Greg Frazier was also an evil person his famous Darth vid was

Shots he introduces himself for fuck hell, are you supposed to be

I'm taking revenge, yes now this year two of

Batman still calls his name

There it is actually called revenge more often than Batman is called in this

The film and I also avenge part of his famous three-line phrase from ring nothing to fear in

Animated series Batman I revenge I am the Knight I am

Batman Batman amazes The Last Man on

  • His throat shows that Batman's armour Itself must be an electrical guide that adjusts How has he survived the trauma of it? generator in the flooded Arena in the classroom Last, Batman joins Lieutenant Jim Gordon at the mayor's crime scene reviewing Some impressive detective skills that I concluded that the thumb had been cut

When the mayor was still alive a bloody mark is observed on the ground of

Where he wore the murder weapon there is even that the photographer was

Like Oh, what is he looking at my God ، I have to take a snapshot of this now in a way

He lives up to his surname as the greatest detective in the world, but

I would argue in this movie that it's not actually too much detective commits some

Gross mistakes, but he makes the much better storey, especially for someone

  • At the beginning of his career In vigilance. Walls that
  • Celebrated our newspaper celebrating the mayor's drug incident in
  • The signal to ring sal Moroni's rivals is falcons. planning to target those sea walls, then this guide from

Your secret friend who has an idea ، let's just play this game of you and me

The card with the skeleton that says who your secret friend is designed directly on

Real-life card sent by zodiac sign to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Paul

Avery who had a skeleton says who is your secret friend the mystery is what

  • The liar does it when he's dead he answers he's lying It can still be decrypted using the same
  • The double-character technique cited by Robert Graysmith in the film Zodiac, which is
  • The most common consonant in English is the double letter and what are
  • The only word we know is he'll use it here at least once 'we will observe how Alfred will try later

Use the same method to distinguish all double characters before Bruce realized

That get rid of the six characters that were given to them Ryan Gosling's favourite movie fills the puzzle

From the crime scene, where music turns into nirvana's thing in a way with

Kurt Cobain's words that reflect this grunge Batman takes on Robert Pattinson

The man who wishes he was homeless and feels more comfortable on the streets at night

But also as the last track on Nirvana's album, It doesn't matter, it actually precedes

The secret track comes in 10 minutes Of silence dubbed "endless," so the

This recurring track in the film is really something that gets in the way of Bruce's true mindset. It's

Detective secretly hides a violent monster under Cobain's words that layer

It also refers to animals that are caught up in referring to ex-offenders

Who Batman caught in the first two years and how does the puzzle literally

By locking animals in cages for Batman to find and you will fully notice when Bruce arrives

To his bat cave, Old Wayne Tower Subway Station at Wayne station ،

We hear Cobain sing under a tarp for a bridge ، suggesting another leak indicates that

Flood is coming flood is likely that this entire cave is flooded in

Bruce. Moody voiceover It was actually his journal entry in a notebook

The Gotham Project frames this Batman as a young doctor trying treatments

  • Different to the city doctor like his father in contrast the puzzle that is approaching
  • Diseases of the city as a forensic accountant looking to diagnose cases
  • Repetition where numbers do not fit with no prescription of real remedies
  • Her contradictions are his first entry in this movie that day To show how in this film we did not get

Yet to fully rest, there is still work to be done when bruce joins Alfred for breakfast. Love

That is, he stares at the sunlight in the morning and he has to dress sunglasses because

Self-described nocturnal animal and receive also accustomed to seeing nocturnal prey through

His own lenses are kind of like Murphy's line in If you want to watch the video, click here