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The world of pet cats


  • Cats are one of the most highly valued animals in Europe and in the whole world, between their gentle charm and their playful personalities, cats have been given a lot of tenderness and kindness by their breeders and they have done everything for them. But there are some things you should know about your cat that she can't tell you here are 7 things we think your cat wants to make sure you know about them

1. I like to play outdoors, and I don't like to stay at home all day.

Cats love the outdoors and nature, with all sorts of dangers outside that can be explored and around us. However, flipped is not the best place for Daman to stay. 

Did you know that I am almost 3-10 years old while living outdoors That's a little short! However, if I stay inside the house in the warmth and whoa long sleep, I can live until I am 18! Of gentle hugs and kisses from me just for you.

2. I'm meowing to get your attention, and not just for other cats.

Cats resort to meowing to catch the eye of other cats or catch the eye of the breeder. Like human children when we were young, we cry to tell our mothers 

when we need food or a little rest. Cats talk in language, Meow wants to talk to you to tell you when you feel hungry, or want to tell you want to go out or if something is wrong. [Top 10 Dog Breeds]

3. Cats are more likely to prefer fish, meat and crispy dry foods.

I'm like a tiger. I like to eat real meat which means I need a diet based on fish and meat and of course also ،

I like to eat dry food I eat during the day hmmm delicious, but the healthiest diet is fish and meat and not just eat dry food

4. I want you to spend some time with me to play together and not get bored.

  • When I leave for work, the cat feels sad and bored! Like she wants to say I like to accompany you. If I don't have a sister or brother to play with, I need a companion to have fun with. Or when you come home, please you should not just play on your phones or watch TV. Give me some time and play with me with a rope! Or some favorite cat toys and give me a little exercise while giving us a chance to bond as a family. And I'll love you just for that, playing with you tires me a little bit so I'm ready for bedtime

5. Playing with me can help reduce stress and the risk of heart attack or stroke.

Did you know that having a pet cat reduces your risk of stroke It's true! When you see the little rat with a nasty tail it will increase your stress and anxiety but I helped you get rid of the nasty rat and restore your peace of mind.

6. Don't get mad at me when I scratch, I don't mean to hurt you!

If you see me scratching your furniture, it's not because I want to destroy your sofa and furniture. I really need a place to stretch my feet and activate my claws! to get 

rid of some of the outer layers of my claws do not be old and fragile. And sometimes I use my claws to define my land by leaving traces of claws and its 

fragrant smell. Don't be mad at me please, it's my instinct! The only way I don't even do that. Some tree or pillar is getting scratched. Buy me a safe place where I 

can stretch and scratch daily dear.

7. Only if you call my name will I come immediately.

  • No matter what name you called me when I look out through the window. Believe me, I know my name well. I've learned that from you all the times you 
  • call me to taste or to play with my dear. Because I'm your cat, I have no compulsion to obey you. I also remember the day she took me to the vet when I was last sick and made me take that disgusting medicine. This does not mean that you do not love me, but that I know because you want my good.

We hope that you enjoyed this story for me and for your lovely cat to get closer to her.

Small and beautiful cats also help you live your life more happily when you give them your time and play with them.