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 April King's Day

King's Day Netherlands

  • This day that everyone is waiting for when the Dutch people celebrate the anniversary of the King's day comes every year in this month, April 27, but we 
  • do not forget all the circumstances experienced by the world from the pandemic of Corona covid-19 did not allow the Dutch people to revive this 
  • eternal memory returns joy and fun in the Netherlands on the King's day. On this warm day, everyone went out to celebrate this beautiful occasion Placed in round fences

 round fences

King's day, and finally two years later it is said that now they can come back again.

For the sale of your used or new items no taxes even most parking is free on this truly wonderful Memorial Day in the country of roses. Everywhere, wherever you 

go, you see cheerful people shopping and selling, everywhere were orange flags and orange flags all over the country, what a happy day, with a wonderful and 

warm atmosphere. Celebrations of King's day begin in the morning with music and children's games in most cities and Quora in the Netherlands, lanterns are displayed, and at around 10 pm, the mayor opens the celebrations in the cities with a beautiful fireworks display


  • In the next article, I will write about washi and beautiful places such as the city of roses Keukenhof, inverted houses in Rotterdam and the mini city in dan haga attached with the most beautiful pictures thanks for the good follow-up.